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Today, almost every online casino offers to its players a great selection of games from the series of video poker online . Passion for video poker at casino online is not casual so common, in fact most of the players around the world have become accustomed to enjoy playing this traditional game of poker on the machines in the casinos. Reason for the popularity of poker machine gamblers is in this game the poker machines brings considerable gains to the players. Poker machines are among the most profitable types of entertainment in the casino.

The first poker machines appeared in the mid 70s. Poker machines have become popular in the early ’80s, when the player visit casinos have found that playing video poker is much easier and more profitable than playing on the table against players and the gaming machine. In the 90’s, poker machines and the game became video poker is in a universal hit among visitors to Las Vegas casinos. To date, hundreds of thousands of poker fans all over the world are playing in online casinos, right from the comfort of home, because the game of video poker slot machine has a huge potential for gains.

Strategy of Video Poker

Video Poker is a clever game for players who want to win, not only due to luck. In this section, we decided to give a few tips on game strategy in video poker that will help you to increase your winnings. Some tips may seem obvious to you, but you wonder if you know how many people ignore them.

* If you have a hand in which you need to replace only one card to get a Royal Flush, flush, straight or straight flush – change just this one card!

* If you put a hand that contains one pair, then you have to replace three other cards which do not form a pair. Do not save any card. God knows why, but some people think that because the machine gives a pair of Jacks or better, then they should keep the Jacks or better with this pair. This will not work in most cases.

* If you have a hand with two pairs, then change the card that is not in pairs.

* If you are dealt three cards of the same suit, replace the two cards are different suits.

* Always smash flash if there is an opportunity to get out of it a royal flush.

* If you are dealt a hand with the couple, but it also contains four cards that can be used to make a flush or a straight, but not enough of one card, save a couple and replace the other three cards.

* Keep any four cards, which can lead to higher profits (straight flush, royal flush).

* Never crush street to get a flush.

* Keep all flushes and straights, except if Flash can become a Royal Flush.

* Always keep quads, straight flush and royal flush.

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