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GamblersIf you enjoy playing games of chance, you have probably heard many of the superstitions which are observed by people who want to increase their chances of winning. Playing the Lotto, for example, involves choosing a set of six numbers which must match exactly for you to win the jackpot; if you have a regimen that you follow before you select your numbers, you can be classified as a superstitious player. Let’s take a look at some of the good luck omens that alert gamers like you that your luck is about to change and the prized winnings may be coming your way.

Lucky Charms
Many people who play the Lotto are convinced that carrying a lucky charm, wearing that lucky bracelet, or having a lucky piece of clothing nearby when they select their numbers will increase their luck. Some herbs and artefacts are also revered by gamers as bringing good fortune to the Lotto for them and their set of numbers. Some of these lucky charms and their purported influences are:

  • A badger tooth worn on the left side of the gamer when he picks Lotto numbers
  • Iron dust is symbolic of good luck and increased money
  • Carrying nutmeg in your pocket attracts good luck when choosing Lotto numbers
  • Pyrite, which is a golden iron ore, brings good luck and more money when placed in your pocket

Lucky Spells
Some gamers enjoy using lucky spells to increase their winnings in the Lotto. Placing numbers from one to fifty in a mojo bag and then drawing out the lucky ones can improve your chances of winning at Lotto. These small leather bags or ones made from flannel are quite popular especially in casinos and can be used to carry five finger grass or hand root into a casino if you are visiting one nearby or on holiday. Many mojo bags come with instructions so that you’ll know exactly how and when to use your bag for good luck. There are groups of players who wash their hands with all spice berries, cinnamon chips, or alfalfa to make their hands lucky in picking Lotto numbers for the upcoming drawing. Made from a wide array of herbs, lucky oils are also used as hand treatments before Lotto numbers are selected; some gamers also rub these oils onto their chips when playing in a casino. Each player will have an individual preference for using lucky spells to enhance their chances of winning the Lotto.

Positive Thinking
Professional gamblers know that positive thinking is the edge that they have in playing games of chance. These techniques work effectively for them and tend to carry over into other aspects of their lifestyles. Positive thinking helps a player navigate a bad choice of numbers, a poor hand, or bad luck in a particular game; you can remain positive, carry out your strategies, and not fold under pressure of losing. This is a very powerful tool in impacting how you handle the outcome of your choices and the results of your decision-making processes.

Mind Visualization
Many gamers swear by the technique of visualizing the results that they want from the Lotto numbers that they choose. The law of attraction states that whatever you think about and try to visualize is attracted to you and will come to fruition. Thus, if you visualize the six winning Lotto numbers that you need, you can attract the choices that will win for you on a website such as elite Lotto UK. Simply close your eyes, visualize the numbers that you think will win, and then select them in your online play.

Good luck can be yours if you are superstitious and employ some of the aforementioned techniques and strategies in your Lotto number selection.