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There exists variety of methods, by which online gambling houses or casinos can be classified. The methods, which one type of online casino is different to another one is mentioned in this article.
The first type of online gambling house or casino is the individual gambling houses, which are different from any other online gambling houses in all respect. Even these gambling houses are powered by separate software, which are not used by any other online gambling house. One of the well-known online gambling house that are part of this classification is known as Slotland. The games provided by such types of gambling houses are unique, which can never be played anywhere else on the Internet. Although, this game playing originality gives a massive advantage, but such categories of online gambling houses or casinos exist very rare in this world.

The second type of online gambling houses is those, having certified their software from one of the independent software designer. This software designer has certified the software to many other gambling houses also. The only thing that these online gambling houses discuss with other internet gambling houses is the typical software.

The third type of online gambling houses is those, which are part of on the online casinos group. Here same entity will own and operate the gambling house group and will discuss the identical software provider. In addition to including identical online gaming sets, online gambling houses from the same groups also have many other features in typical. For example, all the online gambling houses of Fortune lounge group and operated by Microgaming software have identical promotions in common.

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