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There have been many questions and disputes with regards to the online casinos given the fact that many claim that the software which is used to stimulate an online casino is actually rigged. This leads to a number of doubts and misgivings about online casinos. So, what if you get a setting in which you can enjoy all the benefits of online casino and yet be cent percent sure that it is true and fair? What if someone offers you the casino right at your home and you are sure that you are not cheated? Welcome to live casinos, the next big thing in the gambling scenario.

What Live Casinos Actually Are
Live casinos provide casino games which run in a studio or in a casino and you get a live feed of the same on you television screen or computer. You can also chat with the dealer and enjoy the thrill of a gamble right from your home. The best part about these live casino games is that you know that the game is running “live” and you can rest assured that nothing is rigged and you are not being cheated by some software. You can also view the video feed as full screen on a number of live casino providing websites such as Maria, thus giving you a feel that you are actually present in the casino when the game is being carried on. These games are generally broadcasted from a studio or a live casino, thus it means that you have the thrill of playing “live” with an actual dealer and actual players.

The Many Advantages Of Live Casinos
There are several advantages of playing live casino as the concept itself is so intriguing and brilliant that it pulls you towards itself. Some of the brilliant benefits of the game are illustrated below:

· You can count cards in games such as blackjack which would not have been allowed had it been a normal casino. Thus, it gives you an advantage of having an edge over others and you can play as desired.

· You are assured of the fact that the game is running live and you are not deceived by some rigged software.

· This much more of a “social option” than online casino as you can play with a real dealer and real players.

· You get to play from the comfort of your home.