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online gamesMost people spend their time online in a very unproductive way. They browse the news, they read updates through various social networks, they watch funny videos and crazy cat pictures – in short, they waste their online time, instead of doing something productive and fun: playing games to win money.

There are several ways in which people can tie the excitement of a game with profit. One of them is betting on sports – this adds extra excitement to following the game, and adds considerable amounts to professional gamblers’ bank accounts. But this article is not about betting – it’s about playing games.

The most profitable online games I can think of are poker and casino games. Of course, there is bingo as well – but bingo is much more about socializing and fun than making real money online.

Online poker is a very popular form of gaming online. No wonder – it is the most popular card game ever known to man. Besides, it’s a game of strategy as much as it is a game of chance – players can win a hand by playing the right way, even if their cards are borderline worthless.

There are several dedicated online poker networks available online. PokerStars is the biggest of them all – it has more poker players than all the major poker networks together. PokerStars offers its players the biggest variety of games with the biggest variety of stakes, so that everyone can find the right game at the right price for their mood and pocket. Playing high stakes games is a great way to win money online – and a great source of feeling accomplished, of course.

Another very profitable category of online games are those available in casinos. There are hundreds of online casinos to choose from. The game variety available at these outlets is amazing – some of them have over 500 games in their offer, and several more to be played on the go (for details visit

Not all casino games are equally profitable, though. Actually, players of most games available in online casinos are destined to lose money in the long run. You see, the vast majority of the casino games are pure games of chance, with user decisions having a very small contribution and influence on the outcome of the game.

There is one notable exception: blackjack. This game is unique – it offers players an almost 50% chance to win (almost equal to the house), and it is among the few casino games where player decisions can influence the outcome of the round. The payouts offered by blackjack games are feeble when compared to the ones at other games. Winning a blackjack hand pays 1 to 1, while the biggest win at the roulette table pays out 36 to 1. Still, blackjack can be truly profitable even in the long run, as long as you use the right strategy.