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Online Betting Tips

There is no doubt that online scratch cards are much more versatile, fun and in one word: preferable to play than traditional scratch cards. You still remember those, yes, the ones you had to go to the vendor, or local grocery, to purchase, and scratch off to reveal whether you won or not.

While some people still prefer the feel of the real foil, and just love to hold a coin or a key to scratch those off, an increasing number of people nowadays simply play scratch cards online. The benefits are countless and speak for themselves:

When you scratch your card online, you simply do it whenever you feel like it. In fact, you can do it wherever you are, on your mobile device.

The variety of games and themes to choose from on the web is simply overwhelming, and nothing can really beat that. While the games retain their simplicity online, and are simply awesome, they are a long way away from just moving your hand back and forth to expose the card. It’s really hard to get bored with new scratch and win games popping up on a frequent basis.

Even more important, to some, are the incredible rate of winners to emerge from playing online scratch cards. While your actual chances of winning with real scratchies are 1 to several millions, online almost everyone is a winner with amazing unbeatable odds of 1:3. Meaning, every third card is a winner.

If you add all the above to the fact that online casinos offer you some remarkable bonuses just to sign up with them: either no deposit, credit matching or VIP bonuses- you simply can’t lose picking one of the hundreds different games and checking out. Most chances are, you’ll end up a winner- in case you already not!