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Do you want to find the best online games for your needs?  Here at our Guidebook we help you to find great online games. We deal with the hard work by comparing online casinos so that you can get start playing your favorite casino games. All the online games we recommend on this page are proven to be trustworthy, offer excellent welcome bonuses for new players and have built up solid reputations over a number of years. Simply look through the top list above and choose the one which is best suited to your needs. If you plan to make a big initial deposit or play a lot in the first few weeks, then you should look out for a good deposit bonus. If you have a specific game that you want to play, it’s worth checking the casino’s website to ensure your game is available.

We hope that you have found our Guidebook helpful – feel free to browse through the site for guidance on specific games. The offers on the sites recommended above are constantly changing, so we recommend that you sign-up via one the links above to lock in a great bonus as soon as possible. Good luck playing at your chosen game, and remember never to gamble with more money than you can afford to lose.